Stephen Ime, a primary school teacher from Abuja, never dreamt of a luxurious life. Like your ordinary teacher he made enough for living, buying clothes, raising his children and sending them to school. He never even asked for more.

About a year ago his car broke down, and Ime suddenly realized he simply didn’t have money to fix it. The realization hit him so hard he cried in a bathroom afraid of his wife or children seeing him, not sure how they would react.

The situation made him change his mind - Ime decided he didn’t want to be poor for the rest of his life. He started looking for ways to become financially independent. At first he even tried selling online, but it didn’t work out well. So Ime joined an MLM, still the results were pathetic.

Luckily, several months later Ime’s efforts were finally rewarded and he managed to find a way - no selling, no ads, just his phone with Internet access.

Last month I came upon his blog and decided that an interview would be a great idea. Ime told me some incredible things, “I make around £1,030 (about $1,374) per day now, enjoying my financial freedom, doing whatever I want. Although the money I make is more than enough, I still work as a teacher just because I like it.”

Binary options became a real blessing to Ime. “I was looking for a decent income, but joining an MLM was definitely a mistake - I’ve lost all my money. All I want now is a legit way for daily passive income to provide for my family. And I’ve got one thanks to my phone!”

Ime confesses that finding the solution to his problems was easier than one would expect. “To be honest, I just created an account on Olymptrade website - that’s all. They show you a short tutorial explaining how binary options work and what you should do to start trading. I’ve made my first £1,000 (about $1,334) a week after I started. The tutorial is quite detailed, and I think it helped a lot. And I don’t need to sell anything, thank God!”

“Of course there are scammers. They promise you’ll make good money in a night, but you’ll end up buying their products,” Ime said. “I went through many of those, but Olymptrade turned out to be honest, and that’s amazing. A year ago I was a low-paid primary school teacher, having no chance to fix my old car, and now I can buy any car I want! Every day I’m grateful for this opportunity to be my true self and that’s why I feel obliged to share my advice for people around me, that’s why I started my blog.”

Here’s the instructions on successful trading Ime posted in his blog:

First read everything to the end, then go back to step 1 and start acting!

1. You need to open an account with the broker. This is completely FREE. To do this, go to the Olymp Trade website by clicking here.

2. Click “Start trading”, in the registration form enter your e-mail and password and select the account currency. Click on “Register”.

3. Congratulations, your account has been opened!

You will see 9 prompts in succession with explanations of what is being displayed within your account at the broker. I recommend that you view and read them all by clicking on the button “NEXT STEP” at each explanation.

At step 6 you will be invited to predict the direction of a currency exchange rate. This is how you will do this from now on. Try clicking on the green UP button or on the red DOWN button.

Continue reading the explanation and click “NEXT STEP” until the prompts stop.

4. How do you make a forecast?

Select a currency pair (the currencies whose exchange rate you will predict). For example, click on EUR/USD if you want to predict how many dollars 1 euro costs.

  1. Select a currency pair (the currencies whose exchange rate you will predict). For example, click on EUR/USD if you want to predict how many dollars 1 euro costs.
  2. Enter the trade amount. The minimum trade amount is $1.
  3. Select the trade time. This is the time after which the exchange rate of the currencies you selected in step 1 will be compared with your prediction. The minimum trade time is 1 minute. I usually select either 1 or 5 minutes.
  4. Make a prediction. Click on either UP or DOWN. The trade opens right after you click.

5. But you’ll start earning real money only after you make a deposit in your account. You can do this with any Visa or MasterCard or through Qiwi, Webmoney, or other payment systems. The minimum deposit is $10. Click on the “DEPOSIT” button:

A window with the deposit method will appear:

And now something really interesting! Olymp Trade broker now has an offer — your account will be credited with double the amount of money you deposit if you make a deposit of $30 or $50 within 1 hour after opening your account!

Just imagine, it’s as if you got a bonus at work, for example, instead of $30, you got $60!

But this is only within 1 hour after opening your account, so hurry!

Making a deposit is really simple: select the deposit method and amount, click on the “DEPOSIT” button, and follow the instructions.

That’s all! After you make a deposit, go to step 5 and start earning real money!

Femi Chris Eyo Senior Writer


Ekene Amadiegwu

I’ve read all comments and decided to try it myself. You know what? I’ve lost. I was shocked and thought it must be some scam, but tried again just out of stubborness. I didn’t want to lose much so I deposited $10… and made $10 more! I’m gonna try it again soon, may be luck is on my side today, who knows. I think everyone should try trading, but don’t expect to win the first time.

Dawang Haruna

Today I’ve made my first withdrawal. We’re planning to go out and celebrate it ;)

Juliet Orjiogo

Thanks for the article! That’s exactly what I need at the moment! I’ve just created an account and deposited $10…

Nsisong Essien

boy, another unreal “success” story! i’m 35, still living with my parents and working for £200 per month. where is my luck??

Adekunle Babajide

@Nsisong Essien, You should try doing something before saying that’s unreal. I’m not a millionaire like Stephen, but still I make good money (enough for my family and me) trading.

Dennis Obua

@Adekunle Babajide, what binary options do you trade? have you tried this Olymptrade they mentioned in the article?

Adekunle Babajide

@Dennis Obua, Yeah. I’ve started trading another one, but that one isn’t even worth mentioning - total scam. Olymptrade is pretty decent. I usually make £1,200 a week.

Colours Onyinye

True! I've been trading Olymptrade for 6 months already and my income is about $800 per week!

Ability Equere

their daughters are cuties!!